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Last Sigh "tension filter" Review 1998

March Issue
Vol. 1 No. 3
by Mike Santarpia

This album is great for fans of Pretty Hate Machine. Haloblack has been compared to NIN even before their signing to Fifth Colvmn Records. Bryan Black sounds much like Trent Reznor and this album is much like that of Pretty Hate Machine, this album is a great mix of synth and guitar work and is chockfull of electronic sound — perfect for the industrial/electronic scene. Recorded at the famous Warzone Studio in Chicago with production assistance by Jim Marcus (Die Warzau) who also lends his vocal talents to the song No Chance Control and Van Christie (Die Warzau and Final Cut) lends his engineering talents to the album as well as Jason Mcninch (Die Warzau, Lick and Deep). Krayge Tyler (Virus 23 and 16Volt) shows off his great guitar work in this album as well. This album is definitely worth checking out.