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Side-Line Magazine 2004

(Excerpt Only)

Midwest American Bryan Black started Haloblack in 1994. The band�s frontman enjoys describing his music as �all about minimalism- embracing electro, trip-hop, industrial rock in the most inspired and inventive way I know how�. Haloblack has toured with Cop Shoot Cop, Bile, 16Volt and Chemlab, and supported Marilyn Manson. After several releases and contributions to various projects including Hellbent together with Eric Powell from 16Volt, some 6 years after the �Funkyhell� release, Haloblack is now releasing their new album �throb.�� We report. (by Sylvie Dutertre)

SL. How would you compare this album to �Funkyhell�?
H. �throb.� is more quirky, dark and upbeat. For the first time, I introduced another vocalist. With Arianne, I found a new instrument to manipulate. I got a bluesy, pitched down soulful sound out of her and that complemented my love for seductive and abrasive sounds. Like previous albums, ‘throb.’ is stripped down and nasty, but much more melodic and organic – every Haloblack record is different from the last – this album is a good example of the different sounds I’ve experimented with over the last 10 years.

SL. It’s been 6 years since Funkyhell, so what happened in between?
H. I met a girl, moved to London (from Minneapolis). When I arrived, I fell in love with electronic music all over again. I was inspired by Tricky’s first album, his side-project Nearly God and stuff on Mute records. I wasn’t so precious about my song writing anymore, and I started writing lots and lots of music. I had something new to say. I used new projects as an excuse to get these new ideas out – xlover and MOTOR became an outlet for these ideas. I had labels like Mute and City Rockers putting my music out and I was reaching a whole new world. The pressure was off to make commercial music with Haloblack, so it became my most precious, twisted excuse.

SL. Who else worked on this album as members of Haloblack?
H. Arianne Schreiber- sings on most songs. Kraig Tyler- guitar. Charles Levi- bass. Raymond Watts- co-produced 1 track and sings on 1-track. Olivier Grasset- additional programming and plays drums in the live band. Olivier is my partner in MOTOR, xlover, etc.